Sterling Project Overview

Amidst the feverish real estate market of the San Francisco Bay area, a partnership with Iron Bridge helped one Borrower complete a successful residential rehab project, resulting in a quick turnaround time, and an impressive return on investment.

Oakes Project Overview

When our Borrower found this opportunity too good to pass up, they were tied up in other projects and lacked the capital to finance it. Through their partnership with Iron Bridge, a creative financing solution gave them the funding they needed.

Albion Project Overview

In Denver, our Borrower took advantage of a strong market, and a full construction loan from Iron Bridge, to ensure they had the funding and workforce necessary for the successful completion of this large-scale new build.

The Benefits of Cross Collateralization

Many real estate developers invest in several projects at once. That can mean a lack of funding available when an opportunity suddenly arises. Co-founder Gerard Stascausky discusses the vital advantage of Cross Collateralization.

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